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WRITE2017 conference

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

When: March 26-28, 2017

Call for papers due date: October 10, 2016


This international conference will explore the ways that writing, research, and integrity are being shaped by technology for education (WRITE 2017). Presentations are invited on the following themes:

  • Writing: Using technology to develop academic writing skills.
  • Research: How technology is transforming the global academic research and publishing landscape
  • Integrity: Exploring technologically-informed strategies to promote academic integrity and prevent academic misconduct.
  • Education: Making use of technology to provide effective feedback to students as part of a formative learning process.

The WRITE2017 conference is hosted by Turnitin and iGroup, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity (APFEI).

WA Forum on contract cheating 2016

Where: Curtin University, Western Australia

When: October 13 2016


Contract cheating, a term coined by Clarke and Lancaster in 2006*, describes the situation where students purchase bespoke academic assessments and submit the work as if it was their own.

This issue has been rapidly gaining traction globally due to the ease of accessing contractors within the digital space. Students are able to quickly outsource their work for a relatively low price due to increasing competition within the industry. Current assessment practices and technologies are not readily able to identify the affected work.

Through presentations, panels and discussions, the WA Forum on Contract Cheating will examine this problem from a number of perspectives. The forum will include:

  • Analysis of common business models and prevalence of contract cheating
  • Research findings on new methods of detecting contract cheating
  • Student perspectives and case studies of motivators and drivers of behaviour
  • How institutions can respond: recent developments in policies and practices

The cost for the forum is $100 for the day and will include:

  • Attendance at all sessions including material made available electronically
  • Refreshments and Lunch

Registrations now open.

Contact Dr Lesley Sefcick for more information:

ICAI annual conference 2016

Where: Athens, Greece

When: September 8-10, 2016

Call for papers due date: June 28, 2016


The International Center for Academic Integrity is running its first European conference on academic integrity in Athens, Greece with the theme Integrity as a Way Forward.  It is hosted by DEREE – the American College of Greece and has invited papers on the following themes:

  • Integrity as a societal value
  • The development of ethical decision-making capacities
  • Courage and integrity in the face of corruption and injustice
  • Veracity in education and assessment
  • Educative responses to breaches of integrity Inspiring, developing and supporting integrity “Champions”
  • Research in academic integrity

Photo: University Life 78 by Francisco Osorio. Creative Commons License (BY 2.0)