Individual Membership

You are welcome to join APFEI as an individual member. You are eligible if you are a person employed by an educational institution, are a currently enrolled student at an educational institution, or can demonstrate a sufficient interest and possible contribution to the association.

Individual membership rates:

  • AUD$100 for individual membership (annual)
  • AUD$250 for individual membership (three years)
  • AUD$50 for student membership

You can register online.

Benefits to membership include:

  • access to networking opportunities with other teaching practitioners and scholars in the field of academic integrity
  • eligibility for the APFEI small research grant and academic integrity teaching award
  • discount for the registration fees for APFEI conferences and symposia (including 7APCEI conference 2015)
  • professional support for the promotion of academic integrity in your teaching or research programs
  • access to expertise in the development of teaching and learning resources to promote academic integrity
  • participation in the organisation of conferences, symposia and other activities related to academic integrity

Please check whether your university is already an institutional member of APFEI. If it is, up to three individuals per institution have the right to full access to APFEI membership as a ‘representative member’. You might be able to be one of those three nominated individuals contact us and we will put you in touch with the original institutional representative.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact the APFEI commitee:

Institutional Membership

It is possible to register membership with APFEI as an educational institution (university, TAFE, or school). Once your institution is registered, you can nominate up to three ‘representative members’, who will be given full individual membership privileges. The advantages to the institution are that they will have joined a wider community of educators committed to educational integrity.

Subscription fees for educational institutions are:

  • AUD$750 for three years

You can register online.

Benefits for institutional members of APFEI include:

  • reputational benefit in being associated with the first organisation in the Asia Pacific region specifically devoted to issues of educational integrity
  • partnership with the International Centre for Academic Integrity (ICAI) including a 50% discount on annual institutional membership fees to ICAI
  • lobbying support on issues related to educational integrity
    three nominated individual members per institution given access to full APFEI benefits
  • discount for the bi-annual APCEI conference registration for individuals nominated by the institution
  • eligibility for the APFEI research grant for the nominated individual members of the institution
  • eligibility for all student cohorts to participate in the APFEI student competition
  • participation in international research clusters and projects which involves networking opportunities to network with key researchers in the field, including mentoring to publish in the IJEI

If you have any questions about membership, please contact the APFEI commitee:

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