The Asia Pacific Forum on Educational Integrity links a network of specialised experts who are particularly interested in the impact that academic integrity has on issues of pedagogy, academic standards, equity and intercultural understanding.

With the increase in transnational education opportunities for both teachers and students in the Asia Pacific region, it is important to ensure that there is a shared understanding of educational and academic integrity expectations, particularly between participating international students and institutions.  

APFEI's scholars, teachers and practitioners in the field of academic integrity can offer their expertise with:

  • the external review of an institution’s existing educational integrity or plagiarism policies and procedures
  • presentations on the rationale behind promoting and sustaining a climate of integrity in educational institutions
  • workshops and seminars that promote the strategic integration of academic integrity into class activities and assessment task design
  • development of discipline or subject-specific teaching and learning resources that embed academic integrity into curricula
  • design of transnational teaching and learning activities and assignment tasks that develop appropriate intercultural resources for the prevention of plagiarism in research and writing

If you are interested in arranging for consultations, workshops or presentations please consult the APFEI committee and members fields of interest and contact them directly. 

As yet, APFEI has not set up a formal consultancy body, so any arrangements for consultations with APFEI specialists will be organised independently, according to their individual university or institutional procedures.

For more information about APFEI academics fields of interest and potential availablity, please contact Dr. Ruth Walker (

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