2013 Student Competition
REMIX academic integrity

Can you come up with a creative or humorous idea that remixes the topic of academic integrity? 

We are looking for unique student perspectives on how your university's approaches to plagiarism or academic integrity intersects with your real-world experiences of sampling, piracy, appropriation, borrowing and copying in the digital age.

Your submission might be a short Youtube video (4 mins max), a poster, a music composition, a graphic design or something else again  – just as long as it ‘remixes’ the topic of academic integrity!

Submissions are welcome from any students currently enrolled in a higher education institution in Australia, the Asia Pacific region – and anywhere else in the world.

AUD$500 first prize, $250 second prize, $100 third prize and runners up will receive a 'certificate of appreciation' for their resumes.
(You could actually win a prize for plagiarism!)

Due date:
1st October 2013

Winner announcement:
The shortlisted entries will be displayed or screened at the 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity (6APCEI) held at Macquarie University in October 2013.  Winners will be announced shortly after the conference, and winning entries will be uploaded to the APFEI website.

Where possible, a link to the online resource would be preferred (eg to a YouTube clip).  If students have produced artwork, it can be submitted by post as long as it arrives by the due date. Please see the 2013 APFEI competition guidelines for more details. Other files may be emailed or, if too large, uploaded to Dropbox.

Registration form:
Download this registration form (as a pdf or docx)  fill in the details,  and email to submit your entry.

Please send registration forms and other info to Dr Ruth Walker at rwalker@uow.edu.au.   For more information, you are welcome to telephone (61) 2 4221 5755.

Downloadable forms:

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