Crossing the borders: new frontiers for academic integrity

16th-18th November 2015
Albury-Wodonga on the border of NSW and Victoria, Australia
Hosted by Charles Sturt University, NSW and La Trobe University, Victoria

The theme of the 7APCEI conference was “new frontiers in academic integrity”.  Higher education and academic integrity are both at a crossroads, as academic integrity policies and practices are struggling to keep up with new technologies, the explosion of opportunists working in the online cheating industry, and the shifts in understandings about plagiarism, copying and appropriation in popular culture.  At the same, the broader educational integrity of universities is itself being questioned, particularly regarding the recruitment of international students and the exploitation of sessional teaching staff.

It is more urgent than ever that new educational approaches to academic integrity be imagined, so that new frontiers and opportunities for teaching and learning can minimise risk and ensure our academic standards. In Australia, for instance, the Tertiary Education and Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) requires that Higher Education providers have policies and processes in place to demonstrate academic quality assurance. Within these guidelines, providers must demonstrate evidence of effective implementation of systematic processes at all levels to maintain academic integrity and to prevent misconduct. This 7APCEI conference’s focus on the new frontiers of academic integrity is therefore extremely topical, as universities are increasingly pressured to show evidence of their management and promotion of academic integrity.

In keeping with the conference theme of new frontiers, this was the first time that an APFEI conference was held in rural Australia rather than in a major city. Additionally, many opportunities were provided for online participation by distance or transnational delegates.

Special speakers included Dr Anthony McLaren, the new CEO of the Australian Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA) and Dr Robert Waldersee, Executive Director of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

Keynote Speakers

Dr Jason M Stephens

Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
‘Natural and Normative, but Neither Ethical nor Inevitable: The Problem of Cheating and Possibilities for Promoting Integrity’

  • Video (sourced from CSU – to come)
  • Contract cheating fact sheet

Associate Professor Cath Ellis

Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales
“Understanding and responding to Contract Cheating”

  • Video  (sourced from La Trobe – in Dropbox)

Dr Robert Waldersee

Executive Director of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) NSW
‘Corruption risks, educational integrity and the Australian higher education sector’

  • Video  (sourced from CSU– to come)

Associate Professor Jay Phillips

School of Indigenous Australian Studies, Charles Sturt University

‘Authorising epistemologies: Integrity, good conduct, and the knowledge of Others’

  • Audio over ppt (sourced from CSU – to come)

Dr Tracey Bretag

University of South Australia
‘Who is responsible for educational integrity?’

  • video (sourced from La Trobe  – in Dropbox)

Dr Teddi Fishman

Director, International Centre for Academic Integrity (ICAI) United States of America)
Roundtable on Academic Integrity

  • Video (sourced from CSU– to come)

Professor Wayne Macintosh

Director OER Foundation, New Zealand
‘OERu: Open sourcing education’

  • Video (sourced from CSU – to come)

Robin Wright

Copyright Manager, Swinburne University of Technology
‘Once you’re online, what’s the difference? Plagiarism, sharing, re-mix and appropriation in online education’

  • Video (sourced from CSU – to come)

Delegate Presentations

An integrated approach to teaching academic integrity

Theresa Davern
Lynette Wo
Griffith University

Ticking the box on academic integrity education

Julianne East
La Trobe University
download slides (3.3MB file) download slides (3.4MB PDF file)

Developing a superior academic integrity policy

Julianne East
Judith Gullifer
La Trobe University and Charles Sturt University
download slides (3.8MB file)

The University AIM: An integrated academic integrity module for all students

Keith Foggett
Carol Miles
The University of Newcastle
download slides (20.3MB file)

Paint me a picture: Translating academic integrity policies and regulations into visual content for an online course

Vanda Ivanovic
Stephanie Reid
Li Wang
The University of Auckland
download slides (2.5MB file)

The integrity conversation: a place in the dialogue

Gwyn Jones
Jacinta Kelly
Helen Farrell
University of New South Wales
download slides (4.1MB PDF file)

Avoiding plagiarism – or achieving academic integrity? Report on a curriculum integrated academic literacy development program

Ursula McGowan
The University of Adelaide
download slides (4.5MB PDF file)

Unforeseen consequences of institutional practices and their potential impact on educational integrity

Cathi McMullen
Charles Sturt University
download slides (0.6MB PDF file)

Game based learning and academic integrity

Judy O’Connell
Charles Sturt University
download slides (11.8MB PDF file)

The role of arts-based research and teaching in academic integrity

John Rae
Charles Sturt University
download slides (8.7MB PDF file)

Acts of academic dishonesty: Perceptions of severity by honor council members

Camilla Roberts
Steve Starrett
James Teagarden
Adriana Gonzalez
Emily Mesker
Kansas State University, United States
download slides (1MB PDF file)

Students as partners in academic Integrity

Sonia Saddiqui
Macquarie University
download slides (1.9MB PDF file)

Traversing Turnitin’s frontiers: enhanced online academic integrity resources for staff and students

Vivien Silvey
Thuy Do
Tess Snowball
Australian National University
download slides (2.2MB PDF file)

Academic integrity systems: the space, place and shape of integrity in the ecological university

Ruth Walker
Emma Purdy
University of Wollongong
download slides (3.4MB PDF file)

Teaching to avoid plagiarism in the digital age

Carolyn Woodley
Charles Sturt University 
download slides (3.4MB PDF file)

Photo: University Life 61 by Francisco Osorio. Creative Commons license (BY 2.0).